Cape Breton Highlands Golf Club Society
2023 Cape Breton Highlands Club Closing

Cape Breton Highlands Club Closing

October 1, 2023

the tournament field will be divided in 2 main teams, the 2 main teams will be subdivided to form 2 person scramble teams.  The scramble teams will compete in match play format against a similar team from the opposing main team.  Players are able to win a prize if their 2 person scramble team wins their match, players may also win a prize if their main team wins the majority of the individual matches

8:00 Harry Mattinson & Gord Rideout VS. Allan MacInnis & Donald Jardine
8:10 Greg Redquest & Jackie Doucette VS. Ruth McLagan & Jean Campbell
8:20 Alex Whitty & AG Sams VS. Donnie Robertson & Jim Barron
8:30 Marg Tubrett & Yvonne Williams VS. Mary Ann MacCormick & Jane Kennedy
8:40 Ken Cormier & Randy Brushett VS. Kenny Donovan & Mike Kelly
8:50 Pat Williams & Joe MacNeil VS. Ralph Williams & Malcolm Donovan
9:00 Wayne Hawley & Barry MacDonald VS. Tom Fleming & Leo Gene Donovan
9:10 Evan Mickey & Joey Donovan VS. Derrick Hawley & Tim Westhaver
9:20 Terry Ploughman & Lawson Stockley VS. James Whitty & Tony Whitty
9:30 Jason Stockley & Cam Cochrane VS. Mike Zatzman & Fred Neville
9:40 Cheryl MacDonald & Maxine Hardy VS. Susan Cochrane & Susan Westhaver
2023 Cape Breton Highlands Club Closing