Home Club of Highlands Links

The Cape Breton Highlands Golf Club Society, an entity separate from the course, is recognized as the sole "Home Club" of Highlands Links. The Club receives special consideration for tee-off times, local tournaments, and clubhouse usage. In return for these negotiated privileges, the Club provides support to the golf course in the following ways:.

* The Club provides the needed volunteer base to host Course or Club-sponsored tournaments (e.g. the 1994 Nova Scotia Amateur; Labour Day Tournament).

* The Club aids in the development of a junior golf program.

* The Club promotes the course while playing at other clubs and in outside tournaments.

* The Club acts as an ambassador to visiting golfers.

* The Club, on their initiative, contributes financially to course improvement special projects on a project by project basis. Said projects must be approved by the Golf Course Manager prior to their commencement.

This document refers both to club members and season pass holders. It is recognized that both groups must purchase seasons passes. For the purpose of definition in this document. Club member refers to those individuals (adult and junior) that have taken the additional step of joining the Cape Breton Highlands Golf Club Society. Season pass holder refers to those individuals (adult and junior) that have not joined the above noted society. Golf club members
are only entitled to use the booking procedures outlined for club members. Season pass holders follow the procedures outlined for season pass holders.

Booking by Members

Club members can only book tee-off times three days in advance. (Example Tee times for Saturday May 24 will start to be accepted at the start of business Wednesday May 21.)

Club members who have booked tee-off times in advance, must cancel at least 24 hours in advance, if they are not going to be able to use the time slot. In this way the time slot can be resold. They do not have to guarantee the starting time with a credit card.

The practice of double booking, i.e. two parties from the same foursome booking two different tee-off times will not be permitted.
If no show or double booking by a club member becomes a problem, then a charge for the time slot will be instituted.

Club members may book for themselves and one guest only in the member time slots.

Any times not used by club members 24 hours in advance will be available to the general public. As an example, any tee times not used for Saturday May 24 will be released to the general public at the start of business on Friday May 23.

Time Sheet Apportionment

Each starting time will be 10 minutes apart.

Highlands Links and the Golf Club Society have agreed to guarantee 72 players times per day for the golf club members. Those times will be apportioned in the following manner: The first 12 tee times of each day will be reserved for Club members In addition, one additional time per hour through the balance of the day will be reserved for club members until 24 hours prior to the day in question.
Subject to availability, other tines may be used by club members outside the allotted club times.

Club & Season Pass Holder Junior Play

There wilt be no time restrictions placed on booking of tee times by juniors. Junior pace of play will be monitored by golf course staff. If it is found that certain juniors are unable to maintain the pace of play, restrictions may be applied to when they are able to book tee times.

Club Weekend Tournaments

The Club will be allowed to have five week-end tournaments (open to club members
only) on either Saturday or Sunday, including the Club Championship which is a Saturday and Sunday event. The dates for these tournaments will be provided by September 1 of the year prior and will be restricted to a maximum field of seventy-two. All of these tournaments will commence at the earliest tee-off time at the start of the day and the Club will inform the Golf Course Manager 48 hours in advance of any unused tee times. These five tournaments will
override the booking apportionment identified previously. The tournament times used will form all or part of the 72 daily times normally allocated for the golf club's use.

Labour Day Weekend & Masters Tournament

The Club will be allowed to operate these traditional tournaments without being charged for green fees. The Club will be limited to tee-off times prior to
1:10 pm. The revenue and expenses will be the sole responsibility of the Club. Pro-shop and cart revenues will not go to the Club.

Local Charity Events

Cape Breton Highlands Golf Club Society will be charged with the task of operating an annual fund raising event. Although they are a direct cost to the facility in lost green fees, they are good public relation events and provide an opportunity for the facility to return something to the community.

The golf club will determine on an annual basis which local charity will benefit from the fund raiser and will solicit their support in running the event.

An annual review of potential tournaments, by the Management Committee is required before a decision can be made regarding frequency, nature of the events, charges for and the role of the Club. The charities will be encouraged to book the event one year in advance. Additional funds generated by the event will be returned to the golf course in the form or course improvements or special projects.

Clubhouse Usage - "Club Office"

The Golf Club will have access to the club office on a daily basis, unless the lounge is otherwise booked for an event. Anyone wishing to use the lounge to host an event is required to book the room through the Golf Course Manager. It is recognized that office space at the clubhouse is limited. With this limitation, the golf club and the Highlands Links staff will share the office located in the lounge area. An excellent co-operative arrangement has worked in the past and it is expected that it will continue in the future. Reasonable access by either party will not be denied by the other group.

Locker Room Usage

The lockers will be turned over to the club with a minimum of 25% of them being available to the Golf Course Manager for use by the facility.



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